Over two years after the start of the investigation we were able to answer the question as to what happened on 17 July 2014. During the meeting with the relatives on 28 September 2016, we informed you about the wide range of evidence collected during the investigation.

More than six months have gone by since then. And again one of the most frequently asked questions is the one about the progress: How much longer will it take? We would like to answer that question but unfortunately we cannot. As you know, this is one of the most complex investigations in Dutch history and it is progressing slowly but steadily. Establishing the truth is and will remain our most important goal!

The investigation is now in its final, but also most difficult phase, in which we try to find out who is responsible for the downing of flight MH17. Making progress is a lot more complicated in this phase. In the interest of the investigation it is not always possible to share information about (possible) suspects and the prosecution options with the public. For example, in order to prevent these suspects from disappearing or using legal loopholes.

Unfortunately, we must continue to test your patience. We do realise that this can be hard for you. We assure you that we will remain committed to bring this important investigation to a successful conclusion.

Fred Westerbeke - Chief Prosecutor of the National Office of the Public Prosecution Service/ Coordinator of the Joint Investigation Team
Wilbert Paulissen - Head of Criminal Investigation National Police

Until today, approximately 55 detectives are still involved in the investigation on a daily basis, both in Driebergen and in Kiev. In addition, the AFP remains  committed to the investigation. The AFP continues to have employees deployed to the investigation, working alongside JIT partners.

Other work is still being done in Belgium and Malaysia as well. We continually select people who have the best experience or expertise to do a certain job.

With this online magazine we want to give you an update about the progress of the investigation and give you some insight into everything that is keeping us busy.

Fred Westerbeke and Wilbert Paulissen