Photo ANP Robin van Lonkhuijzen

Fred Westerbeke - Chief Public Prosecutor of the National Public Prosecution and Coordinator Joint investigation Team
Wilbert Paulissen - Head of Criminal Investigation National Police

On May 24, 2018 the JIT organised a press conference during which it presented and explained a new conclusion: The BUK TELAR that took down flight MH17 belonged to the 53rdAnti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Russian Federation. This conclusion is based on extensive research carried out by the JIT and further clarified through, amongst other things, an animation. The reactions and support from many countries and organisations in the days following the press conference show that the JIT investigation is still highly respected by both national and international parties.

The international team, which operates from Ukraine and the Netherlands, will continue to work towards its ultimate goal: to find the true cause of the MH17 crash and to bring the individual(s) responsible before the appropriate court of justice. The JIT has not yet completed its task and will carry on its investigation. Regarding this investigation, we can report that the appeal for witnesses during the press conference has led to new, useful tips which will be taken into consideration.  

This magazine does not present new results, since an ongoing investigation such as this one may be jeopardised by sharing its results at this stage. We will, however, give a summary of the recent research period and we will discuss matters pertaining to the investigation in several articles. For instance, members of the research team explain what makes this investigation so unique and why it is so special to them. We will also look ahead: If the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service decides to prosecute, the case will be tried publicly before a Dutch court. One of the articles gives an idea of what such a Dutch criminal hearing might be like. Another article presents your rights as surviving relatives or loved ones during a criminal trial.

We have attempted to compile an informative magazine. We do realize that not all of your questions will be answered yet. We trust to have shown you that we are still doing everything we can to provide those answers in the future. We remain confident in our task.

Fred Westerbeke and Wilbert Paulissen